Top 10 Jobs in Accounting and Finance

Hiring and retaining the right accounting pros is paramount. And that's especially true for these top 10 positions in 2018.

The economy is starting to run on all cylinders again. As a result, companies are investing, unemployment is relatively low—5% overall and typically 1-2% lower for accounting and finance pros—and job candidates have leverage over employers. There are 10 jobs that are in particularly high demand, and based on our staffing data, are projected to lead the way in 2018. They're simply the hottest jobs in accounting and finance. So, what are they? What are their updated job descriptions? And what are their salary ranges? Check out our top jobs infographic for the answers to all of those questions.

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Infographic: 2017 Holiday Hiring Trends
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Accounting For the Workforce
Find out what it takes for an employer to keep you employed: from the cost of health care and that of relocating, to the costs of perks employees often expect, like vacation pay.
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