Top 10 Jobs in Accounting and Finance

Hiring and retaining the right accounting pros is paramount. And that's especially true for these top 10 positions in 2019.

The economy is continuing its upward climb, and the unemployment rate continues to dip. Companies are finding that hiring skilled accounting and finance professionals is a daunting task with the jobless claims for those pros bouncing between 1.6 and 2.1 percent. In this market, job candidates have leverage over employers and can afford to be choosier than ever before.

Based on our staffing data, there are 10 jobs that are projected to be in especially high demand in 2019. These positions are the hottest jobs in accounting and finance. So, what are they? What are their up-to-date job descriptions? And what are the current salary ranges? Check out our top jobs infographic to find out.

Infographic of top ten accounting and finance jobs for 2019

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