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This is more than a standard accounting and finance salary calculator. The difference is, we get to know you a bit first to make sure you get an accurate salary, not some one-size-fits-all number.

How much should I get paid?

Have you ever wondered how much you should be getting paid at your current position? Or what you could potentially be earning in a new position? Well, look no further than Accounting Principals' salary calculator. Our accurate and easy to use salary calculator is designed with accounting and finance professionals in mind, providing salary estimates for both common and niche jobs.

The up-to-date salary information provided by Accounting Principals is compiled from multiple sources, in order to supply you with as accurate of salary figures as possible. Developing salary figures for specific positions starts with pulling regional estimates from governmental data sources, like the Bureau of Labor Statistics' (BLS) Occupational Employment Statistics (OES). Having this information allows us to extrapolate precise and robust compensation data for accounting and finance positions across the USA.

To improve the data further, we supplement with observations from Emsi. Having a partnership with Emsi gives us access to their proprietary dataset. Emsi's dataset is comprised of over 40 million compensation observations including details on niche job titles not covered by the BLS.

Average Salary*
per year

*This figure, which is produced in conjunction with our salary data partner, CareerBliss, is based on total cash compensation, not base salary. Total cash compensation includes base salary plus bonuses, profit sharing and other employee earnings. The content on this page is protected by copyright. Accounting Principals makes no guarantees and assumes no responsibility for the content or conduct of its users.

Your salary calculator result is just the first step

You know that salary is important, but it's not the only thing to consider when you're in the market for a new position. During your interview process, be sure to discuss non-monetary perks.

Benefits can be very valuable so make sure you don't forget to ask your interviewer what benefits you'd be entitled to if hired. What kind of growth and development opportunities does the company offer? Do they align with your personal goals? Company culture is important to know about too - does the company offer flexible schedules or work from home opportunities? Is there a chance that the company would ask you to relocate? If so, what would that look like, and how would you be compensated for it?

It's important to consider all possible options when choosing a new job or career. Partnering with a dedicated accounting and finance staffing agency like Accounting Principals makes it easy. We have access to thousands of jobs, and will work with you to find the perfect match!

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