How Temporary Work Can Help You Enjoy Life Full Time

Do you want to spend more time with those you care about? Are you looking for an opportunity to catch up on an ever-growing to-do list? Or do you simply want to get more rest so you can enjoy your job and your life? You are certainly not alone.

Many people struggle to strike a balance between their personal and professional lives, and it’s a struggle that is impacting more people now than ever before.

Single-income households were once commonplace, but according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, today nearly 60 percent of families with children have both parents in the workforce. In addition, the recent recession forced many employees to take on new responsibilities and longer hours in order to keep their jobs and take care of their families.

So with more people working – and more people working longer hours – how can we achieve the balance we’re looking for? Debby Johnson is a long-time Accounting Principals associate and was recently named 2011 American Staffing Association National Staffing Employee of the Year. An accountant, wife and mother of three, Debby thinks the best way to balance work and family is through temporary employment.

When did you start thinking about temping? What made you decide to turn to temporary work?

"I started thinking about contract work when my husband lost his job in 2007. I didn’t want the commitment of a full-time job since I knew he would go back to work eventually, and we still had three children to take care of. If we both worked full-time jobs, we would lose all flexibility. Contract work gave me the flexibility to pick the length of assignment I wanted and needed at that time. Once I got into it, I absolutely loved it!"

What was your perception about working for a staffing firm before you started?

"I had used Accounting Principals for all of my career changes starting in 1999. They placed me in three permanent roles in that time frame. I always felt that using staffing firms was the best way to get your foot in the door of a good company and they had the best jobs. Finding jobs on my own (newspaper, internet) was too hard and too few good jobs were advertised this way."

How do you manage to balance your family and work life?

"With a full-time job, it was very hard to balance my family and work. We had to primarily rely on daycare. And on days when my husband and I both had deadlines at work and were running late, we would have to rely on other family members to pick the kids up from daycare. In accounting, there are a lot of late nights during month end! With contracting, I pick the assignments that work with our schedule. The balancing became a whole lot easier! "

What types of industries and assignments/projects were you placed in?

"The types of industries I worked in were bank card and mortgage industries. The projects ranged from data mining to month end close duties. Another big part of each assignment was documenting procedures for what I was working on."

Do you ever miss having a traditional full-time job? And is it something that you’re looking towards moving forward?

"I absolutely don’t miss having a traditional full-time job. I wouldn’t be able to choose when to work and when I need to take an extended break. I am not a school teacher, but I get my summers off too! I choose to stay home then to be with the kids. A traditional accounting job would not give me this opportunity.

When the youngest of my kids start school in 2012, then I will consider taking a full-time job. But I might just decide to stay with the contracting work."

What were some of your favorite aspects of temporary work?

"As a mother of three, this has turned out to be a great career decision. I have the flexibility, I get to see the inside workings of different companies and I get to network."

What are the most important things you’ve learned as an associate and as the 2011 American Staffing Association National Staffing Employee of the Year?

"As the 2011 ASA National Staffing Employee of the Year, I really learned how valuable temporary staffing is in the work world. The convention I attended had some wonderful speakers who praised the use of temporary work."

What makes Accounting Principals unique amongst its peers?

"At Accounting Principals, I felt that they really took the time to get to know me and they always make sure my placements are a perfect fit. I have worked with the same recruiter all these years and she knows me and what I want in a job/assignment. She has always been incredibly supportive and I feel fortunate that I can not only call her my staffing liaison, but also my friend."

For Debby, temporary work helped balance the scales between her personal and professional lives. And it may work for you, too!

Temporary employment is a great alternative to a full-time job, especially for those who enjoy flexibility and variety. It’s also one of the best ways to get your foot in the door with top companies.

To learn more about temporary employment, or to discuss the exciting job opportunities we offer that satisfy your schedule and your lifestyle, please contact Accounting Principals today

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