Accounting and Finance Job Match Quiz

You may have already found your other half, but if you haven’t, don’t sweat it. Cupid could strike any moment! Regardless, what about your career’s other half—your job? Is your current accounting or finance job “the one?”

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Ten Tips on Building a Strong LinkedIn Profile
LinkedIn is all about connecting, but before we connect, we look for what we have in common. That’s the key to putting together a profile that jumpstarts conversation. Think of your profile as a way to promote your brand — a professional permalink, a fixed point on the web to promote your skills, your knowledge, your personality. Brands build trust by using an authentic voice and telling a credible story.
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What to look for in a job besides salary
These days, experienced and skilled accounting and finance talent is difficult for companies to find. That means you’re in high demand and you have some leverage in the job search and negotiation processes. So, as you maneuver up the ladder at your current company, or look to advance your career at a new company, don’t immediately jump at the highest salary. Consider everything that’s important in a job.
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