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You've made a career out of analyzing, researching and taking calculated risks. Why not make a safe bet by working with us to accelerate your career? You can start by reviewing the positions we fill, getting some advice and maybe even applying.

Finance positions we hire for

We hire for a variety of positions—from entry-level to high-level, to those requiring some college to those requiring master’s degrees—at clients in many lines of business across the country. Here are some of our most frequently filled positions.

Advice for landing a finance job

We’ll invest in your career and generate return every step of the way, but here’s some advice to get started.

Along your job search journey—searching, applying, interviewing—consider your hard and soft skills. Match them to open positions when you search, highlight them when you apply, and illustrate them when you interview.

In today’s financial environment, you’re expected to have the right mix of both skills. For hard skills, it’s analyzing figures, recognizing issues, producing documents and utilizing technology. For soft skills, it’s being ethical, empathetic, communicative and ambitious. Don’t be shy about showing off your skill set.

Common interview questions to practice

  • Why are you looking for a new job?
  • Why does our company appeal to you?
  • What type of culture do you prefer?
  • How has technology impacted finance? Provide an example.
  • Tell us about a time you recognized an opportunity and capitalized on it.

Know your finance pay

Finance salaries depend on a few factors: obviously the position, but also location and company size. Our calculator considers all of those factors and tells you exactly what you should earn.

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