We know accounting and finance

Seriously, we're not one of those firms that only dabbles in your industry. We're staffing specialists and recruiting experts in accounting and finance. Nothing else.

Your business is our area of expertise

We spend every day focusing on accounting and finance. The industries, the companies, the people, the roles. Many of our business development managers and recruiters are actually former accounting and finance professionals. They'll speak your language, understand your challenges and help you uncover opportunities.

Trusted by the best

Cut down your time-to-hire

Time can be the most important factor and most critical metric in your hiring process. Here’s how our staffing specialists help you save it:

  • Get to know your business and staffing needs
  • Actively pursue talent for your open roles
  • Do the research and legwork for you
  • Extensively vet every candidate to find better matches
  • Align candidates' personalities with your team's culture
  • Plan ahead to solve problems before they happen

How much does a bad hire really cost?

A bad hire costs a lot more than just salary and benefits. All the time and effort that goes into making that hire really adds up too. Of course, when you hire our qualified candidates, you reduce those risks and don't end up with costs like these:

  • $120,000Your salary
  • $50,000Salary of new employee
  • 14Days to fill position
  • 4Hours reviewing resumes
  • $500Spent on advertisements
  • $500Spent on drug screening
  • 3Hours conducting interviews
  • 14Days training

Total cost of your bad hire $9,975.50

2020 Salary Guide cover

Check out our Salary Guide!

Our data and insights will help you hire the best number-crunching pros.

We'll work in whatever way works best for you

Your business is unique. We can be flexible to accommodate your processes, or we can consult with you on how to improve them.

We’ll come to you

We have branches all over the country. So, no matter where you are, our team will visit your team in person to develop a hiring profile based on your job requirements and company culture.

Find the right people

Whether you need temp or permanent help, we'll find the people you need. We're talking about highly qualified, extensively vetted, extremely talented finance and accounting people.

Act Quickly

You might need someone to start yesterday. We're on it. We have an extensive pipeline of talent and we know good people who can step right in and get to work for you immediately.

Build a partnership

This is not just about making one hire. We're in this for the long run. You can reach out to us whenever you need to add staff or just want some advice. We'll be ready and available to help you.

Derick Courson

Accounting Principals is truly the best in the business!

I was impressed with their responsiveness and timely results. They do a great job filtering candidates and move at lightening speed, which is crucial when you have staffing needs. Can't recommend Accounting Principals strongly enough!

Derick Courson

Controller // Wild Ginger

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