What You Need to Know About Gen Z

What do you need to know about Generation Z to onboard them into your workplace? How are they different from Millennials – who could potentially be managing your Gen Z new hires? Our infographic breaks down the generational differences in your workplace.

We've been hearing about Millennials for years now. Millennials are currently the majority of our workforce, and since they were born between 1981 and 1995, this generation will represent nearly 75 percent of the workforce by 2030. Learning how best to incorporate and grow millennials in your workplace is time well spent – according to a survey from FastCoexist, there are multiple areas where a manager's views of millennials' priorities are far from the truth. For example, according to the survey, Hiring managers believe that only 12% of millennials place a high level of importance on the people and team they will work with, when in reality this is a priority for 39% of millennials.

As we continue to provide growth opportunities for the millennials on our teams, however, Generation Z – professionals born after 1995 – are poised to take over the incoming workforce as the newest generation.

Millennials vs Generation Z Infographic

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