2020 was a challenging year for many organizations, but what’s the forecast for 2021?

We are pleased to partner with Dr. Chris Chmura, CEO and Chief Economist at Chmura Economics & Analytics, for a webinar that takes a deep-dive into economic projections for 2021 and discusses how hiring, compensation and general workforce planning could be impacted.

In this one-hour event, we supplement Dr. Chmura’s insight with our own proprietary survey data to provide a holistic view for organizations nationwide. We polled 1,150+ hiring decision-makers across the country and will be taking a look at their priorities when it comes to post-pandemic workforce trends.

Join us as we discuss:

  • An analysis of the third quarter GDP
  • An understanding of when employment will reach pre-COVID levels
  • Trends that are accelerated by recessions
  • Economic projections for 2021
  • Recent survey findings on trends in total compensation, workforce/talent planning, and hiring

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